Dear Reader

I'm in the home stretch of my funding period. Last week I printed off a full copy of the manuscript and sat down to read it. Now I'm in the midst of a re-write. I used to be so afraid of starting over, of pulling everything apart and excavating my work. But while I was reading through the book, I felt hopeful. I could see what needed to be fixed and how. It didn't seem so impossible, so bleak or ill defined. I have an idea of how to finish this project. And even if it ends up in a drawer, or filed away on my hard drive, I think I'll have learned something. And for now that's enough. 

I'm also gearing up for a winter full of writing for the Yellow Pages. I'll be sure to share the interesting bits a long the way. For now here's a shot of my desk in the afternoon. I try to get out of the house to work in the mornings. Mostly for a change of scenery. To sit down with a coffee and get the brain moving. But in the afternoons I'm back at my desk. Here it is.