Things Are Coming Together

“Run fast, stand still,” from Zen in the Art of Writing is some of my favourite writing advice ever. I’d be lying if I said I read the thing from cover to cover, but that chapter title stuck with me. In my own mind, I’ve distilled it down to something more like “Run fast and stop,” the whole idea being that writers must write like animals in the wild, sprinting like mad until they put their head up, look around, and see where they’ve gotten themselves. At least that’s how I digested it. Sorry if I missed the point, Ray.

I’ve been in running mode for a while now, not just in writing but in life. It’s nice to finally look up and see where I’ve gotten myself. I’ll be at a festival this fall (more news to follow) and I’ve booked a few other readings and appearances for October. I’ve had my head down, and when you haven’t stopped for a while, seeing the progress of the thing can feel abstract and impossible, but now, hard work is starting to pay off. The great mystery of promotion is starting to click. It feels good.